So I guess we’ll just hit the ground running!
I had wanted to do some more writing on style and logos and so forth before conducting any contests, but an opportunity has presented itself, so what the hell.

As you may have heard (big thanks to those who shared the details with me this week), the soon-to-be women’s professional ultimate league has chosen a name, now calling itself the Premier Ultimate League, and they are holding a logo design competition to help brand the emerging league.

So, since that’s happening anyway, we are going to host our first ever design contest right here on the Flatball Creative platform. Here are the rules:
  • You must design a logo and a word mark, and those will be the basis for judgment. That said, extra credit for any extra branding applications (posters, logo placement on uniforms, discs, etc.)
  • I will feature all of the entries on the site on January 5th, along with your name (please let me know if you don’t want your name shown), and I will announce the winner on Tuesday, January 8th. That winner will receive a little Flatball Creative care package, along with bragging rights of course. And when you’re done, remember to submit your logo to the actual PUL logo competition!

This is not the official PUL logo competition. Real entries should be submitted to premierultimateleague@gmail.com This contest is just an exercise in creative process and is not affiliated with the Premier Ultimate League. So this logo is not the winner of the PUL contest, but the winner of our own local contest held just for the purpose of getting people excited and involved and starting to familiarize one another with each other’s work.

So that’s the game. Have fun, be creative, and get excited for women’s pro ultimate! I think this will be a nice way for us to start getting to know each other’s names and work. If you have any additional questions or concerns, email me as always at flatballcreative@gmail.com.
Happy holidays to everyone, and happy creating!

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