Hey all! Sorry about delaying this post a day. I underestimated the intensity of a travel day yesterday as I flew back home to Florida. I hope everyone had a nice holiday break, and I hope you’re just as excited to get the new year started. Without further ado, here are the three entries to our local Premier Ultimate League logo contest:

Will Mims


“The intertwined crescent shapes represent the different paths that have had to come together to create the league. They form a circle/disc to represent the thing that brought them all together. The darker blue is used to show stability the the league will strive to have while the lighter blue represents the new era beginning for the sport.”

Laine Cravotta

Thanks to those who participated, and I hope everyone looking through is starting to get a sense for the new league and its potential for rethinking the aesthetics of ultimate.

Once again, this is not the official PUL logo competition. Real entries should be submitted to premierultimateleague@gmail.com

Tomorrow I have a real article for you guys based on a note I made on my phone last year sometime, so I’m excited to get some real conversation brewing. I will also reveal the winner of the contest tomorrow, so check back.

Happy New Year everyone. See you tomorrow.

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